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Anonymous asked:

Hey Jen, Ive been following your blog for a long time and I know you dont like to say how many times you met Ed like an actual number, but I was wondering if you would mind saying how many times you saw him play live? Just wondering, its ok if you dont say.


Hi. The reason I don’t like to say specific numbers is because I know that Ed has so many fans who are passionate about his music, and not everyone has the means to travel to concerts even though they love the music every bit as much as I do. So even though many of us are always happy for other fans when they get to see Ed perform, there are still some fans who get sad when they realize that someone else has experienced something cool that they haven’t gotten to experience yet, especially if it’s more than once. You know?

I would just hate for it to look like I’m trying to brag or say that I’m a better fan since I’ve been to a lot of shows, because going to shows doesn’t really have anything to do with how much you love the music. Like, you can be a huge fan and never get the opportunity to go to a single show. I know a bunch of South American fans who have been blogging about Ed for years without ever seeing him perform live! And I know a couple of casual fans who have seen Ed several times just because he happens to be in their area a lot and they like going to concerts.

It’s all relative, is what I’m saying. But out of curiosity, I did just count up the number of times and write down the dates and places in my journal, because I don’t want to forget. I saw Ed headline three shows in 2012, six shows in 2013, and two shows in 2014. Also saw him open for Taylor Swift once last year, and I’ve been to two of those small acoustic things where he only plays a few songs. I know a lot of fans who haven’t seen Ed that many times, and I know a lot of fans who have seen him more, some even twice as much, which is pretty cool. I mean, the fact that Ed can keep us coming back for more, especially when he was playing virtually the same setlist over and over for a lot of that time, is incredible! And I consider myself really fortunate to have such a flexible work schedule, the means to travel a bit, and a really, really understanding and spontaneous gig buddy: my mom, what a trooper. :)

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